The manufacturing company UMT LLC was established in 2006 as a result of Mr. George Ruschev’s long experience – The President and owner of the company. It starts gaining market share by trading with steel and special alloys, which makes her one of the biggest suppliers in Bulgaria.

Later on – UMT LLC becomes the main exporter of Bulgarian machine tools for Russia. By now the company is an official representative of ZMM Bulgaria Holding LTD,Arsenal JSCo., Rais LTD, Emi LTD, Unitech Troyan LTD , GWG Gabrovo LLC for Russia.

In 2010 UMT LLC, realizing  the cutting tool market’s potential, starts investing in cutting tool manufacturing. Nowadays UMT LLC uses modern grinding machines, produced by Walter Maschinenbau GmbH, Germany and Tru Tech, USA.

UMT LLC’s Management team

  • CEO – Mr. George Ruschev
  • Managing director – Mr. Nikolay Spirov
  • Manufacturing manager – Eng. Stefan Botev

Manufacturing processes

The manufacturing is based near Kazanlak and is equipped with cutting-edge grinding machine tools. The Walter grinding machine tools which the company possess are supplied with robots, which lets them produce large series of cutting tools.

WALTER HELICHECK is the equipment, used for quality control of produced tools. It is a special measuring machine, that uses a special 3D optical method for scanning. HELITRONIC TOOL STUDIO, an unique 3D software , is used in design and manufacturing of all the cutting tools. The software can be used for almost endless testing of configurations and manufacturing cycles.

The production line for coating of tools is based on PLATIT Pi300 – last generation system, made by PLATIT. PLATIT is a Swiss company internationally-known for its high standard of modern coating technology. The PVD series includes single and multi-layer nano-composite coatings as well as low-friction coatings. Well known coatings, developed by UMT LLC, are nanoTEC1 and nanoTEC2. They have excellent adhesion, resistance and hardness greater than 4000HV.


UMT Contacts

65 Rozova dolina blvd,
Kazanlak 6100, Bulgaria

Tel.:/Fax: +359 /431/ 6 56 66
Tel.:+359/431/8 58 88