UMT manufactures rotary cutting tools, either by provided specs or by customers’ specific drawings. The necessary specs could be found in this catalogue or the client may provide its drawing. Often, the UMT Company’s team suggests optimizing of the particular case for best cutting results. Advantages: 

Case study:

Customer:  Manufacturer with serial process lines for details with high complexity and value
Machine tool: vertical machine center
Material: cast iron GG30
Situation: Customer uses three different types of drills for processing of sophisticated multistep hole; problems arising from the lengthy time for cutting tool changes and high cost of the drills; high level of write-offs because of constant adjustments made to the machine tool while drilling;


Solution: a special custom made cutting tool able to drill the hole in single cycle; the cutting tool is coated with a special nano-composite coating nanoTEC1;



Drawings for the needed tool specs for a custom end mill and drill: 

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